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Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Wedding details
Friday, September 12th, 2014

Yesterday I met with the students who are playing the wedding and provided these details, wrote them in an email and neglected to hit send. Please let me know if you have any questions. Later, I will send a map and specific instructions for how to get to the chapel.

4th Block Wind Ensemble Marching Brass and percussion students should meet Mrs. Carlsen in the upper parking level of the Chapel area at Callaway, directions to come, at 10:30 a.m. on this Saturday morning.

Students transportation will need to STAY in the parking lot and wait until we are done.
The area is too small and will be too congested and we will need to move our vehicles out first and quickly. Please DO not drop your student off and leave. Carpooling is encouraged.

We will pre-load instruments Friday night after the game. The Carlsens will drive the battery equipment.

Students need to take instruments home after the game, Friday and will be responsible for bringing it and their music to the event, except battery.

At 10:30 we will meet and organize and wait, move SILENTLY into position at 11:00 p.m., play at 11:10 a.m. and then immediately leave.

Students and their driver will be admitted to the event by stating they are attending the Keidel-Chambliss Wedding. You will be able to stay in the park the rest of the day and enjoy any of its amenities that do not require additional cost. The Carlsens will picnic and go to the butterfly house with Lynnlea. You are welcome to join us.

Students who can not attend should have already notified me and found a replacement player. Thanks for helping us with this really cool and easy fundraiser, doing what the kids do best!

Thank you!

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Hello Band Members, Parents and Alumni,

We have started a GoFundMe online campaign to help raise funds for the upcoming Disney trip (even if you aren’t going, please stick with me a moment) We can all work together to make this campaign a HUGE success. The best part is that you aren’t collecting money, taking orders or making deliveries. The way we get this campaign going is by sharing it through our social networks. That means, Facebook, twitter, email and texting. Use this link http://www.gofundme.com/e608bc Post it as a status on your facebook page and write something about it so people understand how important it is to you and your child. Once you post your status with the link to our gofundme page, then check "like" that increases the importance of the post and helps more people in your friend list to see it on their newsfeed. If you comment on that same status it will again increase it’s importance. If you want to go even one step further you will see the word "promote" at the bottom of the status. For $6.99 you can promote the status and FB will then agree to make sure everyone on your list see’s it. You, of course, are NOT REQUIRED to do the paid promotion but I wanted everyone to be aware of that option as I just learned about it myself. Don’t forget to also share on group pages you belong to where it’s appropriate. I don’t personally use twitter so I don’t have any tips for that but if someone has good advice for the best use of twitter, please send it to me and I’ll make sure it’s shared.

"But my child isn’t going to Disney, this doesn’t pertain to me" Yes, it does.

We are one band family and we support each other where there is need for the good of the group, not just individual benefit. I believe we can raise above and beyond our own expectations. We do have a goal in mind which is to completely pay for the bus. Once we go beyond that amount we can start lowering the cost per person for the trip. That might help more of our students go that might not have otherwise. There is no limit to this campaign and we have potential here to cover costs for the entire band year. Thank you so much for supporting our band program and making a stand for the importance of music education.


Miranda A.V. Carlsen,
Director of Bands
Harris County High School

Brian McFarland, President
High Note Club, HCHS

Leslie Sertell, Fundraising Chair
High Note Club, HCHS

All-State Honor Band Deadline is Sept. 16
Friday, September 12th, 2014

Yesterday’s email had the WRONG deadline. The deadline is TUESDAY, September 16.

I’d like to encourage all of our wind and percussion players to audition for District Honor Band, particularly in class. The more students we have that audition, the more students we will have make it. Let’s have a strong showing for this event!

So far I have the following students signed up for All-State ($20 fee):

Nelson, Lakeira
Smith, Michael
Tates, Adam
Tates, Hannah

**Again, private lessons are strongly encouraged for this state-level audition to be successful.

I have the following students signed up for District Honor Band ($15 fee)

Grimmett, Christy
McClung,Mary Katherine
Nelson, Lakeira
Smith, Michael
Tates, Adam


District and All-State Auditions
Thursday, September 11th, 2014

The deadline to register for All-State and District Honor Bands is next week on Friday. District is $15, All-State is $20.

All Students are encouraged to audition for the at least the District level. 4th Block Wind Ensemble Students will all audition for the District Level.

The remaining information is only detailed information about honor bands and the process.

Students may register for District after the deadline, but the cut-off for All-State is absolute and non-negotiable. In the past, I place my deadline prior to the GMEA deadline. Since the registration process is easier this year, I am giving them until the day of. However, there can be NO late exceptions for All-State registration.

Students should register for the district level NOW to ensure they can control their audition time, however, they can register all the way up until the day for the event without penalty, except having to be subjected to whatever audition time is available. I do NOT encourage late registration, but I know some students are hesitant and we want nothing more than to have all of our kids audition.

The Georgia Music Educators Association offers two Honor Band experiences, a local level District Honor Band from our surrounding area and a State-Level Honor Band. They are called District Honor Band and All-State Honor Band, respectively.

The auditions for both bands occur on the same Saturday in December – December 13(High School Students, Middle School auditions are the week before and are coordinated by Mr. Tiemann), and I believe they will be held at Columbus High School.

Students will be prepared for the DISTRICT level auditions in band class and ALL high school band students are encouraged to participate. Students interested in auditioning for All-State should immediately begin taking lessons if they are not already. The All-State Audition fee is $20.

The District audition fee is $15 per student. Students in Wind Ensemble (4th block class) are expected to audition and will receive a participation grade in the Performance element of their grade. Should your 4th block student need financial assistance or an alternative assignment, please notify me ASAP as we will be registering all of 4th block for this event next week.

Students auditioning for All-State will have to prepare extra requirements, including a solo etude. They will be coached on this in class frequently starting in November. Students who are serious about making All-State should take private lessons immediately.

Addition to Calendar
Thursday, September 11th, 2014

We will have a quick Stand Music Rehearsal with the Cheerleading Team On Wednesday, next week from 3:45 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.